The Loud Silence

Who got absorbed into the maw of academia? That’s right! Moi!

Time flew so fast I didn’t realise 4 months had passed since my last blogging. Not that I hadn’t been… There are a handful of half-baked essays and ramblings in the drafts that I started and stopped. Fingers crossed I am able to pursue posting some of them, if not all.

Anyway, the Masters are fine. This was my first semester, and the only one (?? Maybe) with a 3 subject load. After 5 years of self-directing my life’s schedule, it was a bit of a struggle to squeeze 3 days of attending lectures, 3 hours of commute and hours of assignments — on top of juggling my day job, life’s worries and social obligations.

I hadn’t actually drawn or written much in the rush of it all, though that has more to do with being in a fallow creative period after many years of constant hustling.

I am not quite sure if it’s burnout. The candle is still there, but I don’t have the fuel to start a flame. ATM, it’s simply very hard to locate the flow, the spark, the drive to facilitate a story to its realisation. As mentioned in previous blog posts, I don’t force my process or my mental/physical capacities when at an impasse, which only seemed to emphasise the fallowness of the situation.

This doesn’t mean nothing is happening. A month ago, I may have found a solution for unclogging the 4 years writer’s block plaguing Alexander Book 2 (TBD?). Two months ago, I finally made the leap to publicise and formalise my somewhat-secret study on comics taxonomy (will speak more, this is part of the Drafts Pile). Those are significant things……. now if I can only get the energy to keep at them!!

I am currently travelling the US, coast to coast. LA, Portland, Boston and NYC. The real reason is incredibly ridiculously self-indulgent… but I deserve it. Why am I juggling a thousand things if not for the ability to see Josh Groban singing about killing people with a barber knife on stage?? The Me of Many Years Ago missed out on those opportunities, either because of finances and/or school. This certainly won’t be the fate of Me of This Year and The Foreseeable Future!

Regardless, it’s given me a good excuse to catch up and see some friends in person. Can’t say how I feel yet since I am just in my second day.

But yeah, a quick post here to say: hello, this blog isn’t dead. It isn’t ever gonna be. Life may throw some lemons but the best thing about keeping a blog is that it doesn’t matter if I get smacked by them. There is no algorithm! There is no obligation! And with the collapse of social media, all the better!

Hello, hello

Reimena Yee is a graphic novelist, artist and flamingo enthusiast.

She writes and illustrates quite a few webcomics and graphic novels. When not making books, she lulls away her time with essays on craft, life and experiences in the publishing industry. Some of her thoughts of art and life are rather unstructured and will evolve over time as this blog matures, as they should be.

Currently committed to being Alexander the Great's death doula. Is a nerd for all things spooky and historical.

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