Oct282019: Alexander Reading List

“So I am very excited for your Alexander comic, first of all. Secondly, of the books you’ve used for research, do you have any that you particularly liked or felt were especially useful or well researched?”

Asked by notcuddles

Thank you!! The problem with this topic (and the way I research) I think is that every book/article is useful somehow. But if I had to pick TWO books that describe the entire comic, they would be:

1. Alexander the Great: A Life in Legend, by Richard Stoneman
My consultant’s book! This one is a literary review of every tradition of the Alexander Romance, and explains the historical, philosophical and biographical contexts behind the legendary tales. Follow up with Haila Manteghi’s Alexander the Great in Persian Tradition.

2. By the Spear, by Ian Worthington
I wouldn’t say this is the only biography to read, but it’s a good start. The main reason why I recommend this is that By the Spear includes a detailed biography of Alexander’s father, Philip, so it provides a fuller picture of Alexander, especially the economical and political foundation his father set up that made Alexander possible in the first place.

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