Oct262023: Webcomics

“do you know any good places to put webcomics? is it best to just make your own website for them? I’m not really into sites like webtoon or whatever…”

If you don’t want much setup, you can make a Tumblr and use the Simple Webcomic Theme (or any other theme, as long as you set it so the blog shows 1 post per page for long form serialised work, or in a full-size grid for funny comics).

There are still other alternative platforms like Comics Fury, Comics Gator and Drunk Duck, those have been around before Webtoons.

If you are comfortable with HTML, CSS or generally learning/playing around with independent website setup, then you can go to Neocities or WordPress.

I use WordPress (the dot org) for my personal website, The World in Deeper Inspection webcomic and the Comics Devices library, but that’s a system that’s worked with me and my brain for 11 years now.

Neocities allows you total freedom, but you really have to be comfortable with learning since this is old-school website building. There’s a webcomic template though.

Squarespace or Wix is fine if you use their blog system.

I don’t recommend Carrd for webcomics! I just don’t think the infrastructure (one-page site) is flexible enough for yourself or your readership.

My general opinion is that I’ll always recommend having your webcomic in a place that you can control, or at the least, easily export to another platform. I’ve been through so many eras of platforms rising and falling. And exporting all the posts/art you upload on that one dying platform only is an ordeal that you would want to avoid (ask me, who’s working on manually transferring stuff from Twitter and Deviantart to my personal website OTL)

Reimena Yee is a graphic novelist, artist and flamingo enthusiast.

She writes and illustrates quite a few webcomics and graphic novels. When not making books, she lulls away her time with essays on craft, life and experiences in the publishing industry. Some of her thoughts of art and life are rather unstructured and will evolve over time as this blog matures, as they should be.

Currently committed to being Alexander the Great's death doula. Is a nerd for all things spooky and historical.

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