Oct032019: GN Dimensions

“For your graphic novels, what size canvas do you use at what resolution, and what size bleeds do you use? Any printers you can recommend?”

Asked by kirstencreates

A4 size at 300 DPI for single pages, twice that with standard bleed (¼ of trim size plus gutter) for spreads. I mostly draw books in spreads.

I do A4 because my work is in European format and I use the paper sizing that goes A1 -> A2 -> A3 etc. In America, the paper sizing is different (legal, letter, etc). The American graphic novel is about 5 x 7 inches in dimensions.

When I self-publish books I use a local printer based in Kuala Lumpur, so I can’t help yall out there.

If you are working with a publisher you should ask your editor/designer to provide you the template to work in.

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