Nov092014: Response to A Letter to an Older Cartoonist

I wrote a response to a letter from Matthew Thurber

“Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your response to “Letter to a Young Cartoonist”, I live on south america and I constantly struggle thinking on how the art market is centered on USA and going for an art career will be a waste of my time. I’m really glad you point out the fact that there is a lot of countries with young artist and how the internet is giving us opportunities. Also your comic is gorgeous I can’t believe you’re just 19, you art is really great! Have a nice day :)!”

Asked by lunarisera

Hey there! I am glad you found my response relatable; turns out we’re not alone in being grateful for what the internet has provided for us where our local places have lacked. It’s great that I could even talk to you now because of the internet!

YEAH it’s really a fact of life that art is dominated by what is accepted and recognised in America (and to some extent, Europe, but it is not as severe). It shouldn’t deter anyone from trying to break in if that’s what we want; we are all given a chance and it’s up to us to use it effectively. Although I agree with you that a career in art outside the US is almost non-feasible (this is why I am not in art school and why I am doing all these academic things), it’s still possible to build something out of your interest in art, even if that’s not your main priority. Just keep making art and making stories for yourself and your friends and eventually it will resonate.

Thanks so much for the compliments! I appreciate it

“Hey there, I loved your letter! 😀 I’m from Venezuela, and yeah, if it wasn’t for the internet I don’t know where I’d be, artistically speaking. I also have webcomic ambitions, and I must say you’re a great inspiration! See you around! ♥♥♥”

Asked by andiegallo

Hello! I’m glad that you enjoyed my letter. Awesome that you have webcomic ambitions! Foster them and always believe you can make one. Webcomics are hard but they are worth it because quite a lot of the time, you’d be one of the few Venezuelans (in my case, Malaysian) who have broken the boundaries restrained due to local circumstance, and that’s always an accomplishment! You get to make new friends too, which is a good thing, and find other local artists easily.

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