May052013: Art School and Update Frequency

“Hi there! :3 I’d like to ask a few questions, but first off, I love your webcomic! 😀 And I’m kind of amazed at people who manage to do frequent updates on them. So my first questions are, have you ever attended an art school or education program? also, how do you manage to be punctual with your updates despite the frequency?”

Asked by dualitydiscretion-blog

Thanks Croan! Aaaa, you’re Malaysian too. Hello! I totally appreciate your comment and the questions; let me feed your nasi lemak 5ever.

1. I’m 18, and I’m starting A-Levels in July this year! Studying Chem, Bio, Maths and English Literature. So I guess, in the future, I definitely won’t be attending an art school, like TOA or LKW for example.

I’ve never attended art school or an education program for the arts. I’m entirely self-taught; I’ve never taken art classes either. I mostly learn through observing life, using references on the internet, doing gesture drawings and studying my influences (photography, arts, dance, comics, etc).

TL;DR : No. Never. Never will.

2. I spent about two months working on Chapter 1 before I posted them! When I started TWiDI on April Fools, I had only less than ¾ left to colour (and colouring was all I had to do at that time, since I finished drawing every page).

Now I’m done colouring everything and I can sit back as I wait for the next 28 pages to update in the next two weeks.

My advice is:

Have about ¼ completed of your webcomic as your buffer
Keep working on the rest and update slowlyyyyy
When you finish, increase the updates

That’s it!

Though it helps to have a webcomic with a non-linear episodic format, so when one chapter finishes, it’s not necessary to start the next one instantly! I’m very chill about updates generally for TWiDI hahahahaa

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