Jun252022: God of Arepo Adaptation

“How did adapting that god story go? Did you reach out to the original author to collaborate or did they just pass you the keys to go ham?”

asked by maviacomic

I emailed/asked each of them for permission since 1) I work professionally as an author 2) the adaptation is debuting on a commercial platform (the Shortbox Comics Fair).

Once I got that I just adapted the entire thing into comics form. I made sure what’s in the non-dialogue text also made it in the visuals as well. There are some additions/interpretations on my end, usually the quiet, wordless moments; the god having no literal form except via the little things it manifests through; and a bit of editing for the third installment of the story.

The process is similar to when they were riffing off each other and the original Writing Prompt post. We are looking at what the other person made before, adding our own spin on it, and making sure the story feels like a singular piece. It’s an indirect collaboration.

I haven’t yet shown the authors what I created so far – that’s something I plan to do once I finish making these pages.

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