Jan292015: Don’t Wait for Improvement

“Just thought I’d say that I just found your blog today and your thing about starting your own web comic has got me inspired. I’m the kind of person who keeps putting off drawings because I’m waiting until I’m good enough but I realize now I shouldn’t wait because if I wait I’ll never do it. Improvement isn’t something that comes will come to me it’s something I have to go after by working hard, working often and by pushing my boundaries. Thank you.”

Asked by cardboardcastle17

Aw thank you! Glad I could have helped. One thing I think that would help us all to know is that our taste and our vision (what we want our work to look like) are always somewhat higher in terms of quality and execution and ambition than what we can produce. It’s like our brain is more sophisticated than our hands! That’s the thing that should keep us chasing for the carrot in front of us. You’re right in this ask about it. Besides when you start dedicating yourself to a webcomic you improve much faster due to the amount of drawing you’ve to do (I’m telling you: it’s a hell lot of work). The same applies for drawing more often everyday.


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