Sept032019: Decolonialising Alexander

“It’ll be interesting to see such a take on a historical figure who was a staple of colonialism et al, especially since I don’t know much about Alexander; it sounds like you’ve got things planned out quite nicely, i can’t wait to see how it turns out”

Asked by hungry-joe

Yep!! That’s one of the things I am excited about, being able to approach it with the intent of deconstruction. Especially in regards to decolonialising a figure that has been co-opted for Western colonial / supremacist / nationalist projects. Just reading the family tree of the Alexander Romance alone is enough to completely destroy the idea that the ancient and medieval past were in a bubble and that each civilisation’s history was straightforward. Alexander is not the inheritance (or the product) of some God-given Western Civilisation; he’s literally a universal inheritance. I want this comic to hammer that home, and that means dealing with the baggage that has been added in, with a take that’s as modern and cutting as possible. This is (I say this ambitiously, as a WOC who can’t afford to doubt myself) afterall the first modern Romance in two-three hundred years.

But outside of all that, I just wanna make a good historical comic that makes people cry. We’ll see how it goes.

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