Jan272020: Deck Cards

“i just stumbled on your art on inprnt and i am so very charmed!! The witches and familiars are so lovely (I’m decided on an art card to buy, currently leaning towards owl witch-alchemist). Have you considered collecting those drawings– the witches and familiars– into a deck and selling it? Sort of like tarot or oracle cards, but just those images. Your art is so lovely and I would definitely be interested if you ever did!”

Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words! There has been some interest for deck cards in my style, and I can totally vibe with that. The only problem is 1) I’ve seen other artists who are working or have worked on their own decks and I realised how much work it is 2) I really don’t have the time for that!

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She writes and illustrates quite a few webcomics and graphic novels. When not making books, she lulls away her time with essays on craft, life and experiences in the publishing industry. Some of her thoughts of art and life are rather unstructured and will evolve over time as this blog matures, as they should be.

Currently committed to being Alexander the Great's death doula. Is a nerd for all things spooky and historical.

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