Jan012014: Praise… A lot

There are a lot of nice asks from people during the months between 2013 – 2014 (not a lot of questions). So I am collating all here. (This is mainly for archival purposes though it’s a bit of a nice ‘feel-good’ basking here; some of these are from friends I haven’t heard from in years at the time of archiving: 2023)

I’ve been following you on DA for a while now and holy smokes your art is gorgeous.

Asked by cupcakelogic

Aaaaa, thank you! I haven’t been on DA lately (oh no, I am having a Neopets-esque relationship with it!), so I’m not very certain what is going on now in my account, but thank you! Thanks for following me on Tumblr and making the right choice, haha. Thanks for the compliment too! Aaaaaaaaa feels

Dear friend, you illustrations are very inspiring and beautiful. Hope to see more!

Asked by mmmerche


Aaaaa, that’s very kind of you! In the midst of trying to pick up speed and catch up (since last year was…AHAHAHAHA)! So you will definitely see more!

/shy waves/ i just wanted to tell you that as a Malaysian, I’m so proud and happy to see talented artists like you letting our obscure art scene thrive. I love love love your art style and I’m in awe and admiration! you’re inspiring. x

Asked by vonjeeves


Awww that’s so sweet (and real validating, haha). I love our art scene really much and it’s always fulfilling to help build it up; but it’s not only me, it’s thanks to other artists like you that it’s slowly picking up.  MAY OUR ART SCENE PROSPER AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD >)

Hello, fellow Malaysian! Your work is incredible. It’s always nice to come across an Asian artist who’s NOT drawing stuff in the usual Japanese art style. stay awesome!

Asked by whamonster

Thank you so much! Your work is pretty great too; keep at it and we’ll be getting another unusual style in this country

I saw u last year during december at comic fiesta and your art is awesome. I stood there, and i felt a force coming from ur art. I look at them and bam! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. P.s. Will u be opening a booth during this year’s cf?

Asked by warmscones

Thank you!! Can’t believe we would meet again 5 months later after the fact haha.

And yes! I’ll be having a booth again for CF 2014. For something much closer though, I’m also part of CAFKL – an indie con more of my style.

“WOW your work is absolutely gorgeous! It’s like looking at gourmet foods, all beautiful, succulent colors arranged in abstract yet cohesive ways. Your comic, The World in Deeper Inspection, is just as delicious, reflecting those same qualities through how you compose your panels to take in different scenes. Kudos!”

Asked by plexiglitch

This is the nicest ask anyone has sent me in a bajillion years ;___;


Thank you so much!!
TWiDI is so old now (one and a half years of hiatus *WHEEZES*) but I am actually more excited to show everyone the next chaplette, mainly because of the aesthetic improvement of such a long hiatus, and much deeper worldbuilding. It’s gonna be cool!!

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