Apr082012: Friendly Crit from an Old Friend

“Well I’ve always admired your sense of design and color and balance! I think you should spend more time practicing drawing things in 3d though. Sometimes there’s some elements in your illustrations that just wind up looking really flat! For example, on one picture you uploaded recently, with the old man and the robotic pigeons, the hat he’s wearing looks really flat, and not like it’s a part of the picture!”

Asked by kanotynes


Yay, thank you Elise!

Yeah, you told me that two years ago when I made that DA Journal asking about what else I should work on. I still remember it! I’ve been doing a lot of that outside my digital work, which I don’t post due to extreme laziness (urgh, scanner why you no be appealing to use). I think the flatness is somewhat natural and unregulated in my style, though, and I definitely need to be conscious about it, which according to what you have said, I should be more aware of!

If I could only get my characters to be like Grimsley. He’s the only one that can turn around in any angle in 3D space. Thanks for the comment, Elise! <3

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