Happy Mid Autumn Festival & Friday the 13th

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Reimena Yee is a graphic novelist, artist and flamingo enthusiast.

She creates the webcomics The World in Deeper Inspection, and The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya; the latter of which is the first Malaysian graphic novel to be Eisner-nominated.

Currently writing and drawing a whole bunch of stuff. Is a nerd for all things spooky and historical.

Melbourne / Kuala Lumpur


Comic Fiesta
Dec 21 – 22

HELLO!! I'll be tabling at #ComicFiesta2019 promoting my new graphic novel, and running the @UnnamedKomiks Ambassador table with co-founder @memaikins!
Basic booth B 18, 19 20
Dec 21 - 22
Preview of what will be on my table in the next tweet 👇

Storytellers: let’s hold the line. Let’s give people hope. Let’s give them an escape - a reprieve. Let’s give them a retreat, even if for only five minutes in a day. Creating worlds & stories is our job; let’s give people the best ones until we can achieve them for real.

Why did Alexander know so many people? I cannot keep track of all these ancient greek fools who keep popping up then dying then being replaced by another dude with a similar sounding name.

This looks really cool: early copies of a graphic novel about a man who becomes a vampire in 17th century Ottoman Empire. https://t.co/W0L3HUbh19

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