guys guys guys (sketchdump)

Some male nudes in here!!!

Sketching Alex and Heph and some beef.

Haven’t drawn these characters and these big-sized men in ages but I am still doing alright. Mostly playing around with new pencils I got from a conference goodie bag.

I just recently upgraded from one secondhand iPad to another + I’ve been going to my first in-person live drawing sessions (previously I had only done those online lol). What other way to break in the new iPad with a sketchdump of my boy Ilias posing as a model + also I like to draw him + AND I am poisoned long enough as an artist in my late twenties that I think now is the time to publicly participate in that ancient tradition of honouring the human nude BUT with the lens of an ace person who enjoys frankness and groundedness in erotics.

These poses are made up from my mind with no ref, mostly to test my ability to draw the male figure i.e if I actually absorbed the fundamentals enough to translate into stylised character-specific shapes.

Ilias is a bit of a bigger, curvier figure than what I (personally) have seen in my art modelling references, online and offline. His body design is kinda like the bridge between my studies of athletic fat sportsmen and the muscled wiry models typical of male nudes.

And here are the live drawing session pages from my sketchbook. The place I go to is specifically for male figure drawing.

I hardly ever get to see masculine bodies naked in real life that are AVERAGE and NON-IDEALISED aka with some flesh and pudge; which is something I want to honour more and more in my practice.

Obvs I find it funnier to caricature my fellow life drawers.

Hello, hello

    • ahumbleshade
    • December 31, 2023

    These look awesome! I know what you mean when it comes to models, it’s a challenge!

    • Reply

      Thank you! And yeah, I am in need of more diverse (nude) bodies to reference for my studies, but it’s not always easy to get those!

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