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Want a Commission From Me?

Welcome to my commission page! Here you'll find information regarding commission type, prices and reference materials.


1. All commissions are digital-only, delivered as a hi-res, ready to print image via email or a file transfer service. No physical prints will be shipped.

2. Commissions listed here are private, meaning they are made for personal, non-commercial use only by the commissioner (and myself, for promotion). For jobs that are commercial and professional, please send a separate enquiry for negotiation.

3. Commissions are typically paid upfront, but I'm happy to arrange a different payment plan.

4. All prices are in USD, and subject to change.


For all animals.


Simple/Normal style: $40 per single pet portrait

Familiar style: $50 per single pet portrait

Group portrait: Please enquire. Final quotation may change depending on number of pets, and style.

I also offer discounts during my Summer (June to August) and Winter (November to December) sales.
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Offer valid starting mid-May 2019 until late July 2019. Please mention you want the offer.

1. Normal and familiar style portraits are both $40 USD per pet.
2. Orders that include more than 2 pets will have a discount applied. The discount is based on the style of portrait, but discounts start at $5. The more pets you commission the bigger the discount (ex: a 4 pet portrait may be $140 instead of $160).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to email you?

1. Several photos of the animal: close-up and full-body, and if applicable, special markings/details. I just need enough to know what the animal looks like. You don’t have to send me a lot; I’ve worked with only 2 photos before, and my guessing/interpreting skills are pretty decent.

2. A personality description: what they are like, their favourite toys/activities, their mannerisms. That kind of thing. This is to make the portrait more unique and full of personality!

If ordering a familiar-style portrait:

3. The motifs and plants/flowers you’d like me to draw.

What’s the difference between simple-style and familiar-style?

The base portrait is a pet drawn on a plain colour background.

The difference between the two styles is:

Simple-style: plus simple props like toys, a single plant, etc.

Familiar-style: more elaborate composition, making the plants a larger part of the portrait + motifs + halo.

What is your turnaround?

Around 2-5 days from WIP to completion, after payment of invoice. I’ll let you know if I am delayed due to IRL obligations.

Where’s your portfolio?

I’ve done 800+ pet portraits over the years, which you can view in the dedicated album on my Facebook page.


For individuals, couples, and families. Put in the home, use as a holiday card, or make into special gifts.


Each portrait's final quote will depend on a few factors:

  1. Number of people
    Individuals start at $60, couples at $90, and families are varied! Additional charges depend on the prompt, as below.
  2. Complexity of background
    More complex backgrounds (which includes landscapes or buildings) will be charged more. What is considered complex is up to my discretion. By default, backgrounds are plain with either florals or props.
  3. Number of pets
    1 - 2 pets are free of charge. 3 pets or more have additional charges (around $10 per pet).

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to email you?

1. Several photos of the subjects. At least one close-up, and one full-body. Please provide some description of important details, like eye colour and personality.

2. If you've a fond story/memory/in-joke/fandom that you share between each other, I can draw these into the portrait for you. I do like stories and work better with those. This will result in an incredibly unique picture that's all you!

3. If needed, photo references of locations and mementos.

What are examples of a complex background?


What is your turnaround?

Around a week or two from WIP to completion, after payment of invoice. I’ll let you know if I am delayed due to IRL obligations.

What are the sizes?

Either a 7 x 11 inch picture (landscape or portrait), or a 10 x 10 inch picture. I'm able to work in custom sizes - please specify in the email! (Bigger sizes includes small additional fee)

How many revisions are included in the cost?

The cost includes up to 5 revisions, with most major revisions during the sketch stage, and very few minor revisions during the colours stage. Any more than that results in additional revision fees.


(Info coming soon!) Invitations, thank you cards, menus, and favours.